Wallet Manager

Scale Operations with Efficiency and Security

Manager helps institutions control the flow of funds to effectively scale operations while reducing costs. It leverages Quantech’s security infrastructure to deliver a one-stop solution for Virtual Assets, Crypto and Web3 Operators

Advantages of our Wallet Manager


Efficiently manage high-volume deposits and withdrawals by generating millions of secure addresses and accessing over 35 blockchain protocols, while supporting new popular tokens through self-service token support. Save up to 50% on on-chain fees by performing only the most efficient transactions, and stay competitive by boosting revenue.


Ensure liquidity by cost-effectively consolidating customer deposits, while monitoring all transactions for AML compliance and quarantining illicit funds. Set withdrawal limits based on transaction behavior and assist end-users in recovering funds from erroneous deposits.


Ensure uninterrupted transaction broadcasting with secure, redundant blockchain node infrastructure available 24x7, while relying on a robust array of battle-tested security checks and risk controls. Granular policy configuration allows for fine-tuning automation processes.

How it works?

Support Chain and Crypto Token

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