Smart Contract Audit

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Companies offering a token sale are immediately putting themselves at risk of direct attack. We’ve seen many types of attacks such as sophisticated spear phishing, network compromises, DoS attacks, the list continues. All of which can delay a sale and in some cases result in stolen funds. While many times have security expertise in-house, it is rare that all information security disciplines are covered. Our audit program ensures that all risk factors are mitigated and you and your company can appropriately respond with the best controls. 

Token buyers also have an interest in audit reports. Sifting through hundreds of companies, whitepapers, and founder claims can be daunting. On top of that, news articles are published every day telling stories of ICOs gone wrong. An audit report can help build trust and have a significant impact on your token sale.

Audit Topics

What does a smart contract audit cost?

The cost of a smart contract audit can vary greatly based upon the length and complexity of the smart contracts to be audited as well. Please reach out to obtain a free quote and to find out the cost of a Solidity Audit tailored to your project’s needs.

Do you create custom smart contracts?

We’ve provided smart contract development services for a variety of clients ranging from token contracts and NFTs to highly complex financial protocols. Please reach out with a set of requirements for a project you would like to have built and our team will get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.