Crypto & Digital Assets Exchange

Professional digital asset trading software service provider​

Our cryptocurrency exchange systems supports a series of functions, includes trading digital assets, assets management, OTC Trading and KYC System. We enhanced our system by introducing leveraged treading, automated KYC and multi-level admin access.

The our system is built with bank level security measures using Java, distributed hardware architecture which can support millions of concurrent transactions. Separated Hot and Cold wallet as hot wallet is for threshold and cold wallet is for isolation storage.

What We Offer?


Cryptocurrency trading system

Full support for multi-currency trading.

Fiat OTC Trading System

Supports multiple payments methods. New OTC trading experience.

Leverage trading system

Precise risk and security control Supports up to 100 times high leverage trading

Our Clients

Quantech provide professional and custom made solution to digital assets exchange of all sizes. 

What can you do with the Exchange Software?

You can operate the next-generation online marketplace to facilitate trading of stocks, digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and security tokens:

  • Send and receive any existing cryptocurrencies.
  • Plug-in external payment systems and options for deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies and fiat money.
  • Perform customer verification (KYC) through the out-of-the-box interface or completely outsource it through API connections.
  • Issue and manage new tokens to digitalize assets – create, mint/burn, and freeze/unfreeze.
  • Create trading pairs between different cryptocurrencies and fiat money.
  • Execute orders to buy and sell represented assets through created trading pairs.
  • Watch the market charts to monitor prices and market activity for other market pairs, powered by TradingView, or any other trading chart API.
  • Explore the transaction history and blocks on the chain via different interfaces.
  • Customize the customer and administrative User Interfaces with React libraries to take any form and shape.