Wine Blockchain

Known as the Blockchain Food Quality Protection, it is a system basically responsible for arriving, for the moment, to the origin of the wine – from the cultivation of the grapes – and to record every transaction carried out between the suppliers, allowing the end customer to consult them in the form of a QR code engraved on the bottle.

To achieve this, smart contracts for the collection of data in the origin, including cultivation methods; the blockchain based on Ethereum where the information already certified together with the transactions that mark the wine route is registered, in this case. In this way, the last buyer can assure the quality of the wine and find out all his route just by scanning the QR code with his smartphone, emphasizing that this is an excellent method to assure its customers the quality of their grapes and the provenance of the wine, since it is quite common to falsify the wines.


Our Blockchain Development solution can implement ERC-20 together with ERC-721 standard used for exchangeable, non-fungible token and digital asset ownership. ERC-721 defines a minimum interface a smart contract must implement to allow unique tokens to be managed, owned, and traded. ERC-20 can create the TOKEN for transactions of exchange.