Technology Voucher

What is Technology Voucher?

Funding Amount

Up to 3 projects from an enterprise may be approved, funding up to $200,000

Funding Mechanism

Government subsidizes two third of the total approved project cost. Applicant enterprise contributes one third of the cost.

Aim of Programme
Subsidise local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity, or upgrade or transform their business processes.

(1) At least 1 year of substantive business operation in Hong Kong; And
(2) Manufacturing businesses employing fewer than 100 persons in Hong Kong; or non-manufacturing businesses employing fewer than 50 persons in Hong Kong

Application Procedures

(1) Employ a technology consultant to provide external consultancy to the TVP Project
(2) Find a technological services or solutions provider
(3) Complete the TVP application and submit through TVP dedicated website.

Typical Technological Solutions Covered

  • Appointment Scheduling and Queue Management System
  • Clinic Management System
  • Document Management and Mobile Access System
  • Electronic Inventory Management System
  • Electronic Procurement Management System
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Customers and Membership Analysis and Management System
  • Human Resources Management System
  • Point-of-Sales System

Why Us?

Tailor made

All software are tailor-made system suited for your company's specific workflow. Modified any forms, workflows and reports based on your operations.

Full consultant

We discuss, plan and implement your system directly with your company. We provide full assistance during and after your projects is implemented.

Full Stack

Full Stack team, we have experts have familiarity in each layer of software system. We are genuine interest in all software technology.

TVP Applications Support

Our professional consultant will provide full assistance in writing your TVP application.

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We offer a powerful combination of profound tech expertise, mature, low-risk processes, and proven experience in a variety of business domains to turn your business idea into reality. 

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