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We service over 300,000 users annually.

Every users is unique, so are the products and services offers by Quantech.

BTC Shop Hong Kong

The BTC Shop is made up of a team of trusted brokers with excellent bitcoin and cryptocurrency knowledge. We have been trading Bitcoin in Hong Kong for more than 5 years and lead the industry in terms of reliability, affordability, safety and convenience. ​


ETHMining HK was first brand offered Mining Rig Sales and Hosting Service in Hong Kong. We are currently managing over 8,000 rigs in 5 data centers in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia.

Vanilla VPN

Vanilla VPN is an extraordinary VPN service based in Hong Kong, and offers a lightning fast speed, data encryption and highly reliable security to the global users.


TimeToCoin is dedicated to accurately deliver the the latest crypto news around the world, along with a platform to communicate , discuss, and share our value and vision to Chinese readers.

Bitcoin Forward Contract Service

BTC Shop HK contract allows customers to lock the current bitcoin price by paying a proportion of the contract sum as a security deposit. Within the contract period, customers can execute the contract by settling any remaining payment to BTC Shop HK.

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